Sugar Ain’t Sweet

The average American consumes nearly 240 pounds of sugar per year. And most of the excess sugar will get stored as fat in your body, which elevates cancer risk and can suppress your immune function. When study subjects were given sugar, their white blood cell count decreased significantly for several hours afterward. This held true for a variety of types of sugar, including fructose, glucose, honey and orange juice. In another study, rats fed a high-sugar diet had a substantially elevated rate of breast cancer compared to rats on a normal diet. To live long, draw sweetness from other aspects of your life.

Drink green tea

It’s those antioxidants again – green tea is bursting with them. Normal tea does contain flavonoids, but they are much more highly concentrated in green tea. It’s also very low in caffeine. Recent research has show that it can even stop you going bald, so you’ll have a full head of hair to go with those extra years.