A better me @ work

I focus on the important. I delegate the rest. The definition of “important” changes as I move up the food chain. So, hanging on to the “important” of my previous job profile is a recipe for disaster.

I have the best ergonomic chair in the market. It might be expensive but nowhere near the hole a bad neck or back will burn in my pocket. Not to mention the pain and suffering that the latter might cause.

I am never late. Period.

I only work in DND mode. I close my e-mail client, put my chat client on “DND” and focus on the task at hand.  Checking e-mails and responding to people on chat doesn’t equate to working in my dictionary.

I usually batch process the mundane tasks.

If I am really serious about doing something, I make sure to allocate a fixed hour in my daily schedule to that activity. Then, no matter what, I spend that hour on that activity. Period. It’s surprising how much just the 1 hour-a-day can help me accomplish.

Don’t be irreplaceable; if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted.

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