A better me @ socializing

1. I like to invite people over for deserts. Especially when I’ve made a delicious something out of chocolate.

2. I always try to add the WHAT FOR to the Thank you.

3. I try my best to check-in with family and friends from time to time. Either send them a hand-written note or postcard, maybe a small memento or just an out-of-the-blue phone call.

4. There’s gift and then there’s true gift. To me the true of value of gift is the thought and the time spend behind it. A gift can be expensive but only a true gift can be priceless.

5. Every morning, I find a funny joke, pick a random friend and mail it to him saying, “Hope it made you smile. You’re the only one I sent it to. Have a nice day”.

6. Every morning, I pick a fortune cookie, pick a random friend and send her the cookie.

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