99.99% exist, 0.01% live

…..and this is my journey as I move from EXISTING to LIVING; for come hell or highwater, I shall not regret not having LIVED when my time is up.

We all have the can’t-get-out-of-my-head voice in our heads that runs wild in our cerebrum akin to the wild  black stallion in the boundless green pastures. I’d say mine is SUPER ACTIVE and particularly SOMBER; not just because I feel so but because there isn’t one, NOT ONE, individual in my immediate family that won’t testify to my ability to drive them nuts with my GRIM REAPER-esque abilities.

For years, these poor souls have been trying to cajole me using every little trick they have in their LIFE playbooks. I can’t even begin to count the number of times that I have drowned their ZEST for  life with my TSUNAMI of near morbid expressions. A few years back mother nature in her own way finally decided to drive some sense into my head. Ever since I have been making subtle but lasting progress towards LIVING LIFE and not just EXISTING through time; finally learning to TAME the wild black stallion so that I can ride it through the pastures, into the forests and up the mountains so that I can experience the awe of the dusky valley from the mountain top ledge.

This journal is my invitation to anyone that cares to join me in this journey.