Good.. Better.. Best.. Better?

Michael Bolton(no, not the singer), the testing guru, talks about how the word “best” is a relative concept and not an absolute one.

It got me thinking. The word “best” is just another superlative in the English language. Just another limitation of the language itself. The sad part though is, over the years of its usage, it has ensnared the human powers of imagination and creativity.

As soon as we come across the use of  the word “best” from a source we happen to respect, we shut down the flow of those creative juices and accept what we are being told as the ultimate reality.

No wonder all of us are bored to death at work and at home. I think, I am going to start adding “best before”  a.k.a. expiry dates to anything and everything that I have labeled or will be labeling as “best”.

The search for “better” after “best” just seems so exciting. I might not succeed every time but at least I won’t regret not trying.

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