Excuse me, Mr. Minister…

Laudable. Really?? The 7th Richest man in the world, who is building a modern day palace, takes a pay-cut equal to 0.03% of his net worth and you go gaga over it?? Really??

Yes, agreed that executive pay packets are out of control and need to be brought back to planet earth. I wonder how many executives in India make Rs 15 crores(~$3 million) a year? Even the ones that do, I am willing to bet my jammies on this, won’t accumulate $20 billion on net assets even in a million light years .

So, Mr. Minister, forgive my candor but I don’t see how Mr. Ambani’s chastity is laudable. It’s not like he’s willing to bring it down Rs. 1 a year for the rest of life. If any human alive on earth can afford do that, it would be him and then it would most certainly be laudable.

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