Just another practice game

Browsing through the front-page of, I ran across the headlines “Venus vs. Serena In Wimbledon Final” and the first thought I had was, “Again?” and the next one was,”Not Again!!”. Not to undermine the charisma of the Williams sisters’ or anything but whatever happened to those hot Russian chics that handle the tennis ball like a roulette?

Although “Hot chics in Tennis Skirts” might be fun to write topic, I am going to table that for another time. The next thing I read was “Both Williams sisters won to set up their fourth Wimbledon final and eighth Grand Slam title match.” That’s what this is post is about. Despite my poor sports trivia knowledge, I did know that the sisters had played a grand slam against each other but EIGHT!!, half of them at WIMBLEDON!!! the most prestigious grand slam in the world, that I didn’t know.

If I were a stinking rich tennis star who had an even more famous tennis-star brother, would I want to be playing him in the Grand Slam Final? Probably not. For obvious reasons ofcourse. Either ways, win or lose, it would be bitter sweet for me and my brother.

I really wonder how the Williams sisters’feel after having played each other 8 times for something that millions dream about and only a handful can reach. Are these finals really that big a deal for them or are they more like a pratice game where either of them doesn’t really care who wins or loses. The only difference being, it’s a practice game that took a few million dollars to host and is being watched by a world full of spectators.

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