Britain's Got Talent + YouTube = Instant Stardom!

Susan Boyle was just another mere mortal from Scotland until her five minute spotlight in Britain’s Got Talent catapulted her into the league of the rich and famous. Well, she might not be rich as yet but she already is famous for sure. I googled her name and there already 2110 news items related to her. The NYTimes, BBC, People Magazine et. al have something or the other to say about her and the I hear talk show hosts are going all out to get her on their shows. She was on the front-page of!!

In just 7 days Susan Boyle has gone from the girl who’s never been kissed to the princess that a lot of men are dying to kiss. If you haven’t already, you must see her video(watch it completely). Not only did she deliver a performance of a life time, she did in style and in sheer defiance of the audience and judges who laughed at her before she started and were on their feet giving her a standing ovation by the time she was done. Amazing.

There is no doubt in my mind that Susan owes quite a bit of her claim to fame to Youtube. Had it not be for the zillion youtube views, Susan probably would have awed the Talent Show audience but would never have unlocked the doors to stardom. I am simply blown away by the power it endows to individuals, may they be ones with talent of ones with a cause.

Man with a million followers

Aston Kutcher pipped CNN to the 1 million twitter followers mark. I am not quite sure what to make of this. He even has about a 40% greater following on twitter than the President of the United States.

In other words, more people are interested in knowing what Ashton Kutcher is upto or has to say than Barrack Obama. I wonder why that is, especially given the fact the what Ashton Kutcher does might not impact their lives whereas what Obama does can make or break the future of their country and eventually their lives. Or am I just missing the point completely in that twitterers are getting enough of Obama from elsewhere and therefore don’t find it necessary to follow him on twitter.

What’s your take?