Give me a break!!

I don’t get it. I’ve heard several of my friends and countless blog posts being very cynical about the reason why people all over the world loved the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Why are these people hell bent on convincing themselves and others that fans of the movie are sadists who thoroughly enjoyed themselves mocking the pitiable plight of poverty stricken Indians.

If the movie won the highest honors in film making because the sadists loved it then God help the world. I mean cmon, Do these people really believe that the movie was loved because of the slum children jumping in shit??

Clearly these peopel are ashamed to their bones of accepting the dark side of our country. Yes, we’ve made strides in the upward direction and yes we are making progress every second of every day but that doesn’t mean the dark side no longer exits. It very much does and unless we acknowledge it and do something about it, it’s not going to go away. Shoving it under the sheets will only make it worse.

People: Grow Up!! Learn how to accede to reality humbly and acknowledge kudos gracefully.

4 replies on “Give me a break!!”

First of all, thank you for the reference to my post. Second, I nowhere said that I am ashamed of accepting the dark side that indeed does exist in India. In fact, I personally loved the movie for its honesty and the emotions depicted by the kids. My post was just a rhetorical comment about the post another friend had made, about how taxi drivers in the US asked him that do people in India really jump in shit. Therefore, however good your post is, it is clearly a case of misunderstanding my post and making a mountain out of a molehill.

Hey good to see people thinking about my post.
Yes I completely agree with you,we should not be ashamed of the darker sides of our country and should do something to improve the conditions.
But think about this one…. three Indian films which made big in Oscars
Mother India,Salam Bombay,Lagan and then this.Undoubtedly,all three were great movies,but they had one thing common.They all showed negative side of India,be it poverty or caste system.Also please read this article,which clearly shows the after affects of the movie.

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