Easy Come. Easy Go.

I am sure when Bobby Sherman released his number Easy Come, Easy Go in the spring of 1970, he couldn’t have dreamt in his wildest dreams that almost 40 years down the road his work would transmute from a bitter sweet love song into an equally bitter sweet tell-tale, of the mistake we have made, the mess it had landed us in and the things we need to do to get through it.

Just a couple of years back economies were surging, markets were booming and life was hunky dory for most if not all human souls. People were making more money than they had ever imagined and everything their hearts desired was just an arm’s length away. It was as if the Midas touch had been granted to one and all. There was no looking back and the poor old soul that preached modesty and savings was the joke of the town.

Fast forward to today and the market slides and jobless figures are making history, history that is darker than has ever been recorded. History, that we all wish, we never would have had to experience, nonetheless realizing that this misfortune is our doing and that the only way out is to start paying for all the fruits of destiny we have enjoyed without having paid their real price.

We for sure forgot what our parents taught us but I really hope our future generations turn out to be smarter than us and never forget the cardinal rule. Easy Come, Easy Go.

Easy Come, Easy Go – Bobby Sherman

Takin the shade out of the sun
Whatever made me think that I was number one
I oughta know easy come, easy go
Sittin’ it out, spinnin’ the dial
Thinkin’ about the chump I’ve been
I have to smile
Didn’t I know easy come, easy go
She wasn’t kind, I wasn’t smart
I lost my mind and fell apart
I had to find myself in time
Now I can start all over again
Hangin’ around takin’ it slow
Happy I found
I still can smile and dig the show
Lettin’ me know easy come, easy go

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