New Year Resolutions for 2009!

New year resolutions are like once-a-year caffeine kicks with a high that lasts for a couple of weeks or if you get lucky, a month. This year I have decided to do them in a different way. If it works, I’ll have my idea patented and won’t have to work for the rest of my life. If not, NYR’s are a bummer anyways.

If you came to this post itching to uncover ammunition that you could ridicule me with for the rest of year(that’s what happens when you rant out your resolutions and give up on them by the end of January, trust me), then I am afraid to disappoint you. It’s taken me 30 years and I have learnt my lesson. No more making new year resolutions and ranting them out while they’re still half baked. Nope. No more.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any. I do. The only difference is I am going to reveal them as and when I’m done with them. So, if you are really interested in finding out, I’d recommend you set yourself a reminder alongwith a link to this post, for this day next year. I promise you there will stuff that I’ve accomplished or else I’ll do whatever you ask me to. I swear.

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