After a long long time – MS comes up with something cool!

A couple of weeks back I was pleasantly surprised by MS’s generosity when it upped the 2GB skydrive to 25 gigs. 25 gigs!! That’s more than I’ll ever need when it comes to online storage(and I am sure its only going to grow).

Today I’d say I am simply amazed. It’s been a very very long time since I was awed by one of Microsoft’s product. I’d say every since I saw Windows, I am talking version 3.1 that probably only dinosaurs like me would have used. I’ll come to the point. I am talking about Microsoft Essentials Beta. It’s the offline companion of Windows Live a.k.a the re-branded(impressively) version of Microsoft’s web-apps.

For now it’s got IM, e-mail, photos, movies and blogging. The e-mail client is works like outlook for your live/hotmail id and the pictures/movies tool’s just like Google’s picasa and goes without saying that it lets you push your pics to your skydrive(25 GB’s remember). The one that I like the most is the blogging platform. It’s like a mini-MS-word that let’s me publish posts and pages to my WP blog. Super-cool!

This is my first post using Live Writer. Cheers.