Wine in baby bottles

Wine in baby bottles?? Innovative or Unimaginative?? Funny or stupid?? I mean give me a break.

I could never ever in my wildest dreams bring myself to suck booze out of a baby bottle in public, let alone opening up shop where other people could do that. Even if I were suffering from a obsessive compulsive disorder or drinking out of a baby bottle at age 30 why would I wanna pay an exorbitant price (not-yet-open -hyped-NY-restraurant.. duh..) to do that? Who in their right mind would?

For sanity of the NY public at large, I really hope this new fondu place does intend to be an 18 and older place. Just thinkabout it, doesn’t the idea of sucking on a baby bottle in front of your impressionable children and scarring them for life sould like a very very idea to you? or worse, in front of your mom and dad on her 60th birthday celebration? Eeeeewww.. can’t get creepier than that.

I for one am sure not going to this place. How about you?

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