IIT's Recipe for success (I'd say disaster)

Dear IIT chieftains,

I read this article in the TOI and could not keep myself from writing this letter to you.

Maybe it won’t sound so strange 50 years from now, but today it sure does. Think about it, a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) !! To me it’s like saying I did my Master of Computer Applications(MCA) from the National Institute of Design(NID). For a moment lets assume that NID did have an MCA program and that I were proud to have pursued it, would the multinational tech giants really have cared for a techie from a design school? Perhaps they might have if all the other tech grads from all the engineering colleges in India had been taken. So, NID’s program would be setting itself up for failure right from the get go because it will only attract wanna be techies that can’t get in elsewhere.

Cmon people! Don’t you guys have anything better to do than to take a handful of India’ top tech colleges that are known worldwide and set them up for failure?? Why do we need to try and make the IIT’s like the MIT? Why aren’t we proud of the IIT’s the way they are? Besides the last time I checked MIT wasn’t churning out Ivy league doctors or was even thinking about it.

Haven’t you guys learnt from your MBA mistadventure? Even after years of having the MBA program you’re nowhere near the IIM’s and I’ll bet that even the fortune teller parrot on the street will predict that you’re not going to get there in the foreseable future.

Let’s be honest, if the IIM’s were to announce that they are venturing into engineering, won’t you guys roll on the floor laughing at their naivity? So, why do you guys want to risk losing everything espcially when you guys have more on your plates right now than you can possibly chew?

“On the other hand, IIT-Roorkee director S C Saxena said the 54% expansion to accommodate OBC students and mentoring new IITs meant that they already had more than what they could handle.”

I know you didn’t ask for my opinion but as a die hard aficianado of the IIT’s, I am obligated to say, please listen to your very own,

“Educationist and former director of IIT-Chennai P V Indiresan, who has spent a large part of his life in the IIT system, said the institutes had been synonymous with excellence and they must not start any programmes unless they got very good faculty for the same.”

let the IIM’s do their job, AIIMS their and you on yours. If you must do something, why not give MIT a run for it’s money to the no. 1 spot in the world?


Die-hard IIT fan

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Black Friday Mania

Black Friday – the one and only day of the year when the prices for everything under the sun hits rock bottom. The day when only a fool would do anything other than go looking for a deal a.k.a bargain; for the items on his wishlist. Atleast that’s what the corporate power houses and their savvy marketers will have us believe.

Over the years, year after year, they have steadfastly ensured to go all out on their campaign to market Black Friday, via TV ads, flyers, web-sites and all the other gimmicks in the marketing handbook. It seems to have paid off since Black Friday has become this cult whose following is nothing short of that of the disco ferver in the late 70’s. Jammed packed parking lots by 6.00 AM in the morning are a testament to the mania.

People line up at stores the night before, willing to battle sub-zero temperatures for eight long hours, hoping to save a couple of hundred bucks, despite being well aware of the fact that the so-called “doorbuster” deals will only last long enough to be grabbed by the handful few who bust into the door – literally. The odds are almost as bad as those of winning a million dollar lottery.

This particular black Friday it was almost as if people had entered this time warp where they had fogotten the faltering economy, the depressive markets and the record high job losses. There were scores of people walking away with shopping bags that they could hardly hang on to.

Maybe its just me that’s missing the point. The point that since things are cheaper than they will ever be in the coming 364 days, its the best time to buy all that you thin you’ll need. In my defense, I have just one question that I’d like to ask; Does anyone know what the prices were on the day before thanksgiving? I am willing to bet that the odd-ball who did go shopping that day, would have noticed that 95% of the “black friday” deals were listed at the same price as they were the day before thanksgiving. The only things that were new on “black friday” were the “Only for today” cut-outs and flyers.

Alas! In the never ending game of wits between buyers and sellers, I’d say this one goes to the latter.

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Get high on anti-oxidants

Get high on antioxidants. Antioxidants help eliminate cell-damaging free radicals that play a role in Alzheimer’s diseases and other disorders. Here’s da list.

Top 20 foods with antioxidants

Talk about politicial promises

Why do politicians make promises that they:

1. Have no intention of keeping

2. Know they can’t keep no matter how hard they try

I guess, it’s because people like you and me expect them to make such promises. So, why are we moronic  enough to want to hear something that we know to be a lie. I guess it’s because we like to hurl away our most precious constitutional gift to the illusionist who does the best job at faking sincerity because we are just plain old indolent enough to bother to investigate the men that we are handing over our futures to.

The Americans have paid a price for their indolence. Their economy is in a state that is being compared to worst known depression of all time. But is Obama what he really promises to be? Only time will tell. I pray that he is, for his own sake, for the sake of the country that elected him and for the rest of world that has hailed his accession to the most powerful position in the world.

Below is a snippet of the article that got me thinking.

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Hard to believe that at this point in the 2000 presidential election campaign, the debate was whether the candidates could pay off the national debt faster. Vice President Al Gore promised to do it by 2012; Governor George W. Bush of Texas pledged 2016.

Bush was elected, of course — or at least he was selected by the Supreme Court. On January 22, 2001, the first business day of his administration, the national debt stood at $5,728,195,796,181.57, according to the Treasury Department’s to-the-penny tally.

On October 29, 2008, the most recent day for which information is available, it had ballooned to $10,525,823,144,117.64. Rather than pay down the debt, Bush has overseen it grow 83.8 percent.

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