Universal Truth. Complacency Kills.

USA, one of the most advanced nation of the world. One of the proofs of their advancement(by no means one of their greatest), they have cars, that when locked, will automatically turn off the headligths just in case you forgot to turn them off. But, what if your generation next starts taking features like this for granted. Instead of thinking of them as back up plans, they start using such features as if they were meant to be used day in and day out. I mean, they do have a point, if its something the car does for you why not just make use of it. Valid point, but, I think that there is more to that than meets the eye.

I would say, it makes owners of such cars dumber, maybe just a wee bit dumber, but it definitely does do that. How?? Simple. They just don’t want to burden their already highly underutilized brains. Why tax the brain to remember turning off the lights when the car is going to do it for you. Valid argument, But, what if someday the car malfunctions and forgets to turn of the lights all night long? I know, I know, a new battery does not cost an awful lot. But the gradual mental retardation could cost an awful lot.

The point is, generation next’s quest to find ways to make less use of their brain is something no country can afford and more so a nation that has done so well for itself so far.

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