Stupid is what Stupid Does!

I am a bank representative responsible for soliciting business for the investment banking division.

I get lucky and a potential inquiry gets converted to tangible business. I fulfill the one off requirement but don’t see the underlying potential and give my new client a cold shoulder (unknowingly ofcourse). The client decides to pardon my could shoulder and give me some more business. Now the total business generated so far is big enough even for the dumbest man on earth to notice it. But I take things for granted and see no need to change my style of handling the client.

The result, I lose out on 3 times the business I did get initially, that too in a time span of just two months. (of which, obviously, I am not aware of, why else do you think they call me STUPID)

As for the icing on the cake, the frustrated client calls me up one last time to ask for the last set of documents that I have left with me. My phone is busy and I don’t even bother to call back on the number that was calling – why, you ask? Well, I hadn’t even stored the client’s number, how in the world was I supposed to know it was him.

So folks, STUPID is what STUPID does and today I have proved it.

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