They are one community I really admire. Why, you ask?

Go see the movie – ‘Jo Bole So Nihaal’. From an entertainment point of view, its just ok, but to my mind it really does portray WHO and WHAT ‘The Sardars’ really are. Most people would argue, its an exaggeration of their naiveness, well, all I have to say to that crowd is, Think It Over!

The most common of jokes revolve around ‘The Sardar’. Yes, its very easy to fool a Sardar, agreed. But, did you ever ask yourself as to why is it so easy? Is it because they are stupid or is it because you are the despicable bum who is taking unfair advantage of their naiveness and sheer benevolence.

They flood the Indian army, they plough the crop that most of India lives by, One of them is responsible for most of the economic prosperity that India is rollicking in. I can go on and on.
They are brave, hard-working, humble, benevolent, God-fearing souls.

I am not saying that they dont have their shortcomings. They do and so do all of us. But, I think its time they got valued as ‘The Gems’ that they are. Its time, that all of us learnt a few things for them. I am sure, if nothing else, it would make a happier us.


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