Missed Opportunity

SpiceJet – That is the name of the new low-fare airlines that is all set to take wings this month.

In order to rake in the moolah the airlines announced a never before fare of Rs. 99 for the early birds. Boy was it a smash hit. 35000 tickets sold within 12 hrs. Worth being on the Ripley’s

Believe It or Not! show, What say you?

The lessons to be learnt:

On the corporate front:

Be Innovative and use the media to brandish yourself. Its not about showing off. Its about sound business strategy. Think about it. The special fare of Rs. 99 is restricted to 20 seats per flight and is available only for the first three months. At a time when existing competition is steep and there are other players with you at the start line, I say, its a smart way of getting ahead. Atleast you have got 35,000 heads, who frequent the skies, hooked on to you in a single day, or atleast willing to give you a shot. Now that is some number considering that we are talking of a country where air travel is still considered a luxury of sorts.

On the personal front:

Although I had read about the special offer in the morning paper and had a fair chance to get my hands on the tickets, I blew it, because, I was slow. It did not strike me that I was looking at something that would sell faster than hot cakes. By noon, I thought of getting a couple of tickets and take my wife for a joy ride in the air. But I assumed that I was one of the few smart guys who knew about it and could safely wait till the time I get home in the evening and then call up my travel agent. I was so complacent that I did not figure that web-based booking would be available and that I should act on it. I underestimated others and overestimated myself. A typical human folly. Like the wise man said, those who don’t remember their mistakes are condemned to repeat them. Lesson learnt, complacency hurts and so does over-confidence.


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