3-week rule

It really does work – The three week rule!

As a child I read somewhere that the humans take roughly three weeks to get ‘used to’ things.

e.g. I recently moved to the U.S. for a long-term(1 or 2 years) assignment. Initially I felt like any other red-blooded Indian. I want to go home. I am getting the hell out of here as soon as possible. But, then on the 24th day of my stay, something changed. In a moment, I was like, this place is not so bad. I think I will be able to manage a year or two here and it’s going to be child’s play. From that second on everything seemed so different, so nice, so wonderful. Then I said to myself, the 3 week thing really does work.

I have seen many other instances of this rule in my life as well as those of others. As for any other rule, there are exceptions to this one too. But, then it does work.

Doesn’t it?

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