Polite can do it to

Ever been in a situation where you can’t really tolerate someone or something but don’t know how to get your feelings across without making it sound mean/embarrassing.

I was at the barbers yesterday and it hit me. There is a way. A nice and subtle way. Depending on the nature of the problem, find an appropriate solution and gift it. e.g. Buy a perfume(stinking problem) or a gift card from one of the most expensive hair dressers in town(inappropriate hair-do problem).

Don’t make it obvious. Make it casual. e.g. I bought one for myself and thought you’d love it too.

A lesson from the pirate

Yesterday I saw the “Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end”. I loved it. It was nice. I would say, it was better than the first two.

The one thing that I learnt from Jack Sparrow yesterday was how to live a carefree life. Well, not that we can or should live as carefree a life as our pirate friend but to an extent we should be doing that. Being able to, to some extent, adopt the “nothing to lose” attitude is the key to being able to live in the present without pondering about the past and fretting about the future.

Make sense?

Too much info makes Johnny a dull boy

Limit your information intake. In our lives today, we get a tremendous amount of information through email, blog feeds, reading websites, paperwork, memos, newspapers, magazines, television, DVDs, radio, mobile phones and Blackberries. Not only can this be overwhelming, but it can be distracting and can fill up your life until you have no time for more important things. Go on a media fast to get control over your information intake, and to simplify your life