TV Sucks

“Research cited by Marie Winn demonstrates that watching television at the expense of reading discourages active thinking; diminishes the imagination; inhibits the ability to think abstractly and perform complex symbolic transformation; damages the ability to concentrate; and can become addictive by causing brain changes analogous to drug-induced states” – quote from “The Thinker’s Way” by John Chaffee.

Greater good of outsourcing

I am reading the ‘The World is Flat’ by Thomas Friedman. In the first chapter, talking about call center operators and the fact that they are more that willing to make sacrifices such as having to adapt a western name and ascent at work and having to work oddball hours, Friedman says,

“And needless to say, it is much easier and more satisfying for them to work hard in Bangalore then to pack up and try and make a new start in America. In the flat world they can stay in India, make a decent salary, and not have to be away from families, friends food and culture. At the end of the day, these jobs actually allow them to be more Indian.”

That last statement of his very aptly explains the “why” of those sacrifices. It made me realise something. Outsourcing seems to be doing much more than “economic good” for India. It is letting Indians be Indians and to my mind there is nothing more than that a country could ask for.

Does it really matter?

All of us know time has far greater power than money. Despite that, we give negligible thought when it comes to spending time as compared to the thought we give to spending money.

So far, wasting time was not catastrophic but 21st century and onwards it will be. The successful man will not be he who knows how to use his money but it will be he who makes the best use of his time. That’s reality.

So, for everything I spend time on, I have started asking myself, Does It Really Matter? I would suggest you do to.

Monkey Business

There is only two ways to win:
1. Continuous betterment of self.
2. Keeping everybody else from doing No. 1.
Most mortals, for reasons beyond my comprehension, choose No.2. It’s surprising how easily these folks forget nature’s law of evolution.
For the folks who engage in activity no. 2, I call it “Monkey Business”

Gas Saving Tips

Fill Up in the Morning

Not many people know this, but gas is a liquid that expands and contracts, depending on its temperature. By filling up your tank in the coolest part of the day, you will actually be getting more gasoline for your money, as it will have contracted overnight.

Buy on Tuesday or Wednesday

Gas prices are elevated in the latter part of the week in anticipation of the weekend rush. As such, you should buy your gas earlier in the week, but not too early. Weekend prices still linger at many stations on Monday morning.